Actor Marlon Wayans and Joe Buddens have twitter beef!!!!

Ok…  Now I’ve seen everything!  We have rappers and actors engaging in twitter beef?!  WHO DOES THIS?!

“ok, enough is enough, y in the f*ck am i still following @MARLONLWAYANS ???? This n*gga don’t say sh*t even MISTAKABLE 4 funny, deuces.”

“Really??? Dude who is @JoeBudden ? At this point u are a trivia question on black jeopardy. Can I get a life line?

@JoeBudden I’ll kill yo comedy career quick as yo rap career ended 1 and done

Yo @JoeBudden u broke records 4 shortest rap concert 3:25 for your 1 hit song”

“Yo @JoeBudden u got @common beard but just plain ol’ COMMON lyrics.

Yo @JoeBudden u part of the GONE 2 SOO0n dead career tribute I’m puttin 2gether Yo
@JoeBudden your tattoos r reminders of ur life failures. “Loser, 1 hit wonder, dead on arrival”

Yo @JoeBudden me and my dog play FRISBY w/ yo latest CD.#trash”

“Yo @JoeBudden look like swizz beats got a nose job and a money reduction.

Yo @JoeBudden if u so successful why u living at mom’s crib? Can joey come out to play? Yo @JoeBudden jay-z’s intros be better than your whole anthology” (Marlon Wayans’ Twitter)

“NOW @MARLONLWAYANS wanna try & be funny .. if u apologize to me i’ll see if i can hook u up w Raz b .. n*ggaz know how u roll fam, chill “& lets not act like u so f*ckin successful

@MARLONLWAYANS.. u do stand up at Roscoes, that don’t make u funny n*gga … no need to get all emotional about it tho

@MARLONLWAYANS…u just not funny, no disrespect, just truth. stop actin like a b*tch.. oh wait” “n*ggaz can’t even find

@MARLONLWAYANS in B movies tho … 4real, what in the f*ck is he doin that makes him “funny” ? the funny sh*t is … all

@MARLONLWAYANS is doing right now is proving my point, smmfh ……” “& this is his roast ?????????????????????????????????????? get this n*gga

@MARLONLWAYANS ALL THE WAY THE F*CK OUT THE PAINT … Kim Wayans > @MARLONLWAYANS … just stop man.” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Posted by: Dany L.



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