Charlie Sheen’s Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Parties

Charlie Sheen wanted to create ‘porn family’ says adult film actress who tried to party with star


Friday, February 11th 2011, 4:00 AM

Charlie Sheen's hard partying ways sent the 'Two and a Half Men' star to rehab.

Kevork Djansezian

Charlie Sheen’s hard partying ways sent the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star to rehab.

Cassandra Cruz in a professional photo. CLICK IMAGE FOR PICS OF CHARLIE'S WILD TIMES.

Courtesy DD Entertainment Group

Cassandra Cruz in a professional photo.

As details of Charlie Sheen‘s divorce from Brooke Mueller were announced Thursday, his first ex-Denise Richards says he’s “doing great” in stay-at-home rehab, and an adult film actress who was next in line to join Sheen’s “porn family” says the “Two and a Half Men” star is being a good boy.

Cassandra Cruz, who works at Disneyland under a different name when she is not starring in such porn films as “Hearts and Minds 2,” spoke with Sheen on Groundhog Day.

“I know the girls he was with [during a 36-hour party last month at his house]. I guess he said he thinks I’m stunning. He’d asked around to try to see me.” Cruz, 28, was given Sheen’s number, but when she called him last week, he said, “The party’s over,” says Cruz.

“He was very apologetic. He was very nice.”

Sheen had five porn stars over during his 36-hour bender, which ended Jan. 27th when he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with severe stomach pains. Among the X-rated actresses was Kacey Jordan, who tweeted out explicit images during the fete, and to whom Sheen gave a check for $30,000. She repaid the favor by saying in paid interviews that a Gucci satchel filled with $20,000 worth of cocaine was delivered to Sheen’s house, and that he smoked during the festivities. Neither Sheen’s management, nor CBS verified the claim, but on Jan. 28, Sheen began stay-at-home rehab after his father, actor Martin Sheen, paid him a visit at the hospital.

CBS stands to lose an estimated $250 million should “Two and a Half Men” be permanently cancelled. Sheen, who’s paid $1.2 million an episode, has offered to pay one-third the salaries of the estimated 300 crew members who await his recovery. Meanwhile 90% of people who describe themselves as his avid fans who were polled by the Hollywood Reporter Feb. 6th say they don’t care what he does in his personal life.

Asked why Sheen seems to prefer the company of adult actresses, Cruz, who graduated from the Parsons School of Design and got into the sex business toiling in Mistress Jasmine‘s “dungeon” in Manhattan, was philosophical.

“I think he’s a very sexual person. And why sit home and watch porn when you’re wealthy enough to be with the porn stars themselves?”

Jordan has said in interviews that the actor, who also had a guest appearance last year in “Wall Street 2,” wanted to create a “porn family.”

Why would Sheen, whose divorce from Mueller, with whom he has two sons, want to form a family in the demimonde?

Hollywood talent manager Gina Rodriguez explains, “Most of the girls in porn have no family, or their families have stopped speaking to them because of what they are doing. They pull together with men to form a family. Which is usually dysfunctional. [Sheen] loved having the girls over every night. I don’t think he likes to be alone.”

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