Eminem’s “Recovery” wins Best Rap Album

Eminem’s walked into this year’s 2011 Grammy Awards Ceremony with 10 award nominations, and walked out with two:  Best Rap Solo – “Not Afraid”, and Best Rap Album – “Recovery”.  Yea…  that’s right, they only MILDLY praised Em’s abilities as an emcee…  Its safe to say he got robbed, but we all know that Eminem doesn’t need a Grammy or a 5-Mic review in The Source to prove he’s #1 in the game…

Not only did Eminem walk away with the title of Best Rap Album, but he delivered one of the best performances of the evening. Em killed the stage during his performance of “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna, and brought a rather dead show back to life with the second song of his set.  Yep, you guessed it…  Em called in Dre himself to perform “I need a Doctor” ft. Skylar Grey.  If this isnt a sign of Detox, then I have no idea what is!!!

posted by Karell M.             @rellz_5108


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