Melo Magic

Last night, Carmelo Anthony returned to good ol’ NYC to make his home town debut in a Knicks jersey…  So how did he do you ask?? Donning the #7, Melo made sure to let NYC fans (and skeptics) know exactly why his trade was so costly.

Anthony left the Garden with a double-double, 27 pts coupled with 10 rebounds, as the Knicks defeated the Bucks 114-108.  Not bad, considering the team didnt have much of an opportunity to gel since the trade was only announced 2 days prior to the game.

So, could this be end of a rocky road?  Has Melo set the stage for the return of the NY Knicks?  Only time will tell.  Fans have expressed so much excitement with Melo’s debut, that his #7 jersey was SOLD OUT in stores before he could even try on his own!

It looks like the Knicks are turning over a great new leaf…  With the help of Carmelo Anthony, Knicks fans seem to have a revitalized sense of team spirit.  But dont take my word for it: Check out these highlights from last night’s game (courtesy of NBA), and take our poll below.  As always, comments are welcome!

Posted by Karell M.      @rellz_5108


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