The Far RockStar



Being that I knew Stacks personally I wanted to drop a post for him today just because he needs to be remembered.  One of the greatest has a track that amazed me this morning when I saw someone added it to Stacks Facebook page.  It really made me shake my head because aside from being a close friend of his, it is such a sad story to know that someone envied him so much to end his life, maybe because they themselves had no life so couldn’t stand to see another from the same streets make it to the top.   Stacks had great talent that no one can deny, you can view it with your own eyes all over youtube, hear his music through mixtapes, and see the love everyone had for him in blogs, websites, comments on youtube.  Yeah he was the next one to blow up, his energy was tremendous!  Riot In Piece Stack!

Here is a song of his with the Van Halen Beat, Stacks showing his True Rockstar side.


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