MTV’s Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy.. This may or may not go well..

Season 4 of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore the highest-rated TV show to ever will fly to Italy for its upcoming fourth season. Jersey cast in Italy…These people might actually be the worst tourists on the face of the earth. As far as we’ve seen on the show, only Vinny actually speaks any Italian. We can theorize that you might need at least a little Italian to get around in Italy. instead of more obvious party locales like Cancun, Ibiza, or wherever Skins is set. Jersey Shore is nominally about Italian-American culture, and according to EW’s crack team of underpaid scientists, you can’t have Italian-American culture without Italy. So it’s sort of like they’re returning to their homeland. (Every Italian-American show travels to Italy eventually – Everybody Loves Raymond, The Sopranos, The Real Housewives of New Jersey.) Of course, only about half the Shore cast is actually Italian. Also, since Jersey Shore‘s portrayal of Italian-American culture is basically “Drink, fight, eat, hug, and maybe go to Church,” we can suppose that the cast might actually have a hard time fitting in… What does everyone think ? Comment below

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