Rihanna and Chris Brown to Reunite??

For those of you who were unaware of the “Chris Brown Meltdown” on ABC’s Good Morning America, you may not catch the irony on this…  So allow me to quickly bring you up to speed…

Breezy had an interview last week with Robin Roberts of GMA, to promote his new album F.A.M.E, and this is how it went down…

Now It looks like ABC is at it again…  As if the exploitation of Brown hadn’t gone far enough with the barrage of questions related to the 2009 Rihanna incident, it seems the network is trying their hand again.  This time, ABC wants to take advantage of the recently lifted restraining order to orchestrate an interview with BOTH Brown and Rihanna.  Insiders report that ABC is looking to “milk this event for everything it’s worth,” adding, “It’s all about the ratings…at all other costs.” (Source: PopEater.com).

So lets get this straight…  Surprise attack on GMA where no charges were pressed after the damages…  Now THIS?  Oh wait, we forgot to mention the network also had Brown perform on Dancing With The Stars yesterday evening…  Sounds like ABC is trying to keep up with CBS’s Sheen ratings…

Posted by: Karell M.   @rellz_5108


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