Foxy Brown Did not get pulled off the boat ! “That was incorrect.”

Inside Edition Interviews Foxy Brown

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“We had a great time and I did not get kicked off the ship at all,” she said firmly.

Brown performed on a cruise organized by radio host Tom Joyner, on the Royal Caribbean ship Voyager of the Seas.

But afterwards, on his syndicated morning show, Joyner made some startling claims about Brown.

“We put Foxy off the cruise. I don’t want to go into details but let’s just say she got put off,” he said.

“Escorted to the plane,” added a co-host.

“First we sent her to her cabin and locked her in because we don’t have a jail,” continued Joyner.

The trouble reportedly started when Brown threw a fit after being turned away when she showed up three hours late for her appointment at the ship’s nail salon.

Brown, who once did jail time on charges stemming from a fight at a beauty parlor, insists it never happened.

“I am by far no angel, I’m not, and I don’t ever profess to be. I’ve paid for my mistakes but I’m just not going to pay for Tom Joyner’s lies,” Brown told INSIDE EDITION.

Joyner later backtracked.

“She did not get put off. That was incorrect. She was scheduled to get off when she got off but she did have some problems while she was on. That much was right.”

“Did she act the fool at the nail place?” asked another co-host.

“Yes, she did,” he said.

Story above from Inside Edition Interviews

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