Hoopla with Hov

Looks like Jigga Man is under investigation by those “alphabet boys”…  But this time its not the NYPD, FBI, or even the CIA.  This time, Hov is catching heat from NBA officials.

At a recent game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the North Carolina Tarheels, Jay-Z found himself in a “coaching state of mind”.  The rapper apparently made his way to the locker room for a post-game conversation with members of the Kentucky Wildcats team.  No big deal right? Wrong.

Since Jay is a minority stake owner in the NJ Nets, he is therefore prohibited from any contact with amateur ballplayers who were not previously selected for the NBA draft pool.  Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones of the Wildcats have been identified as potential NBA lottery picks, which called for a formal investigation by NBA officials.

Only Hov knows his intentions behind his locker room visit this past Sunday.  Could have been a harmless congratulatory speech, or a scouting attempt gone awry.  Regardless of his actual motive, should Jay-Z found in violation of these regulations, he may be hit with a fine.

Posted by:  Karell M.         @rellz_5108


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