“Whats Poppin Gzzzz” -Stack Bundles

killing the industry even though he is not here!

Waking up this morning I saw a post on Faceook from Stack Bundles best friend Frank M.A. Coleman that said :

“Stack Bundles had the #1 unsigned hip hop artist ep in the country in 10 hrs on itunes last feb! Ima keep on workin for my gzzzz an do whatever possible to let these record labels an rappers know that Stack is one of the greats an if he was here he will be crushing the industry! Squaaaaaaaad Up!”

To some Stacks was just a top notch rapper, to others an icon, and  to many a friend but to M.A. Stacks was not just his best friend Stacks was his brother.  He is now still tweeting for him, keeping up with his facebook, pushing stack quotes on a daily basis and throwing mixtapes out for the gzzz.  He is keeping Stacks memory alive and showing the world just how truly talented Stacks was.

Here is a Song Stacks wrote for his Brother M.A.

” M.A. Squaaaaaad Up! “

Posted By: Dany L


Twitter: @D_Rock_Printing


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