FunkMaster Flex beefs with The Breakfast Club to defend MR Cee

We all know whats been going on with the arrest of Mr Cee, in any case if you do not know what has been happening the past few days, let me update you.  Mr Cee was arrested by the 1st precint because it was noted that Cee was allegedly caught in a car receiving fellatio from an unnamed 20 year-old male.  He denies this incident happened even though there is proof.

So now FunkMaster Flex from hot97 is defending his friend Mr. Cee while there is actual proof that this is not false information, it is a fact.  He is now in a beef with The Breakfast club of Power 105.1 because they chose to do their job and report the news (not a rumor) with the radio airwaves.  Is FunkFlex now to get mad at NY1 for reporting the news as they are doing in the link below.


Here is a Video of The Breakfast club retaliating to Funkmaster Flex’s subliminal shots at them.  Funny Stuff….check it out.

Check out Video HERE



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