Kobe Fined $100k For “Foul” Language

It’s a word we have heard countless times used recklessly in the street. Day in and day out people have been using the derogatory word fa**ot (or a shortened version).

As you may already know, just recently, Kobe Bryant was caught on film throwing a tantrum after receiving his 15th technical foul of the season.  At that point, he muttered the term “f**king fa**ot” in frustration.

Not cool Kobe.  Honestly, when you’re in a position like Kobe’s there’s no acceptable reason to put on a display like that.  Especially when you have fans of all different races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations.  People look up to you Kobe.  What were you thinking?!

NBA officials didn’t think Kobe’s actions were acceptable either:  They hit him with a hefty $100,000 fine.  Wait…  Did I write that correctly?  One of the highest paid athletes gets hit with only a $100,000 fine?

What do you guys think?  Does the crime fit the punishment?  Check out the video below of the tantrum, and cast your vote below…

Posted by:  Karell M.   @rellz_5108


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