4/16 Officially Declared as “Foursquare Day” in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg officially proclaimed yesterday that this Saturday, 4/16, will be declared “Foursquare Day” in New York City.  So what exactly is Foursquare?  Its a mobile app that is designed to allow users to “check in” to places they visit.

Users visiting certain locations also have the ability to receive special offers due to their “check ins”.  Should a user visit a particular place enough times, they can become the “mayor” of that location.  Becoming mayor entitles that person to other special offers that businesses may offer.

Why 4/16?  I find it funny actually…  For those of you non-mathematicians out there, 4/16 was chosen as the date for Foursquare Day because 4×4 (or 4 Squared) is 16.  I apologize for those who didnt pick up on the nerd humor, but I didnt come up with the concept.

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg “checked in” to the Foursquare offices to deliver his proclamation personally.  Check out the pic below, and make sure to visit http://4sqday.com/ for more info on tomorrow’s events in NYC as well as other cities worldwide…

Posted by:  Karell M.   @rellz_5108


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