6 year Old Girl Padded Down By TSA

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Is it appropriate to pat down a little 6 year old, even in the name of national security? Leave your answer as a comment below!

Posted By Katiee

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One response to “6 year Old Girl Padded Down By TSA

  • Shahidah

    I saw the mom interviewed last night. She said her daughter was in tears etc. I think had the parents handled the situation better she would not have been. We live in a world that this will happen once in awhile. I hate it. Most people hate it BUT things happen. bombs happen, drug smuggling happens. We all feel that JUST because we are Americans that they should only pat down other people who clearly are not (and HOW the heck do people determine that?) so it comes to racial profiling if only ‘those’ folks are patted down and not ‘us’
    If it were my child I would have been aggravated as well but I would make it as comfortable for my child as possible INSTEAD of making them feel like a spectacle which I think these parents did!

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