The DNA Foundation, founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, has just launched their Real Men campaign, featuring stars such as Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Jaime Foxx and Isaiah Mustafa, the well-known character from Old Spice ads.

The campaign features the famous studs in various situations, stating how “real men” know how to do everyday things and that they “don’t buy girls.” In the United States, child sex slavery has become a severe issue and the DNA Foundation is attempting to combat the problem.

The DNA Foundation created an interactive component alongside this campaign, in which the DNA Foundation’s Facebook page allows Likers to put their own photo in the video. The Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign will also be selling t-shirts on Threadless for the same cause.

Ashton Kutcher states that, “We want people to understand that slavery is still happening today. The face of slavery may have changed to that of a vulnerable child, but the heinous crime remains the same. Real men don’t buy or sell girls.”

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