Two men try to rob Internet Cafe, one man gets gunned down by security gaurd.

According to CBS and KZTV10 news:

FLORIDA – A security guard potentially saved the lives of more than 20 people inside an internet café in Apopka, Florida on Tuesday. New video released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office shows how violent the robbery was. From the moment they pull up outside the internet cafe, the suspects are obviously ready for what they’re running into. A store full of customers, maybe 20 or 30 people and an armed guard, ready to draw his gun. It happens so fast, the guard fights back, backs up, takes cover and then right as the second robber is running out the door, the guard fires one shot in the back, and the robber goes down.

From the top again, the robber sticks a gun up against the guard’s head and right away, the guard pushes it away. He’s well-trained, ex-military. What you don’t see is the guard has now ducked down behind a pillar, taking his time to aim at the crooks, who now appear to be confused, and scared. They try to run off. The guard squeezes off one shot and that’s all it takes. The crook falls to the ground, critically wounded, struggling to drag himself back to the car, but they still don’t give up. The suspects fire three shots into the store, shattering windows and narrowly missing customers inside. Deputies chased the suspects through 2 counties, but they got away. They do have one lead, eventually that man who was shot, died. The group dropped off their dead friend at a hotel in Orange County. Authorities say the dead suspect has been identified and has a lengthy criminal history.

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