Lindsay Lohan almost knocks over exhibit in rush to ditch paparazzi at friend Tyler Shields’ gallery

According to the NYDAILYNEWS:

Lindsay Lohan ended up with an unusual bodyguard at Tyler Shields‘ gallery exhibit “Life Is Not a Fairytale” in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday night. A source at the event tells us photographers covering the exhibit “went nuts” when the starlet arrived at the Poodle Parlor with her little sister Ali to see the photo Shields shot of LiLo as a fanged vampire. (As if we needed further convincing she’s a member of Hollywood’s undead.)

The paparazzi so overwhelmed the actress that she almost knocked down a Dyson Fan exhibit as she fled inside the venue and locked herself into a small room. Shields came to her rescue when, our source says, he assigned “one of his guys” to escort Lohan around the party while wearing a machine gun strapped to his body. “The gun was unloaded,” says the source, but the photographers didn’t know that — and adjusted their enthusiasm accordingly.

Artest likes to speak funny

Now that the Dallas Mavericks have swept away the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship dreams, Ron Artest is ready to elbow his way into the hearts of NYC comedy fans. The outspoken NBA small forward will bring his “Ron Artest — The Ultimate Comedy Tour” to the Big Apple this summer. The Queensbridge native and St. John’s hoops legend will host four shows at Carolines on Broadway on July 15 and 16. Among those in Artest’s starting comedy lineup will be Hot 97 morning man Cipha Sounds.

On the subject of Carolines, we hear that “30 Rock” dude Judah Friedlander has joined the roster for Tuesday night’s “Ian O’Malley and Friends” benefit at the club.

Liev is a momma’s boy

What a mensch! Liev Schreiber played the role of good son when he picked up the 2011 Achievement in Film Award at the 25th Israel Film Festival at the Paris Theatre on Thursday. Emcee Tovah Feldshuh reminisced about what a nice boy Schreiber was when she played his mother in the 1999 flick “A Walk on the Moon.” In his acceptance speech, Schreiber thanked his “partner in crime,” Naomi Watts, and his “film mother,” Feldshuh. Then he told the audience that upon learning he would be honored, he did what any good Jewish boy would do: He immediately called his real mom, Heather, who must have been kvelling. The festival continues through May 19 at the AMC Loews at 84th St. and Broadway.

Paz de la Huerta has car troubles

We hope Paz de la Huerta doesn’t need this much help remembering lines: A source spotted the “Boardwalk Empire” actress arriving for jury duty at 60 Centre St. Monday morning — with a female assistant in tow. While Paz filled out forms requesting a postponement of her civic duty, the insider says the assistant stood over the starlet reciting de la Huerta’s address, phone number and work information. Paz, 26 — who learned about another part of our justice system when she was charged with assault last month over a run-in with former reality TV star Samantha Swetra — appeared to be in a pleasant mood. But she grew momentarily irritated when her assistant “didn’t have the number for the HBO production office” at her fingertips, our source says. She smirked when the clerk who took her paperwork told her, “I’ve seen you — in the papers.”

Tate Donovan likes to dine

Tate Donovan is quite the foodie. The star of Broadway’s “Good People” was dining with a pretty blond at 10 Downing Food and Wine on Sunday night when a spy heard him ask whether the eatery’s short-rib burger was made with “grass-fed beef.” The waitress was stumped, but Donovan’s curiosity must have been satisfied. Chef Jonnatan Leiva soon sent one of the burgers to Tate’s table, with a salad for his “vegetarian” date. The couple polished off their PC plates with a glass of red wine each.

Tom Wolfe stirs the imagination

Tom Wolfe still knows how to rile the Establishment. The 80-year-old “Radical Chic” writer accepted the Creative Excellence Award at last night’s National Magazine Awards and dropped a little depth charge at the end of his speech. After mentioning that there were four great editors in the magazine business, Wolfe named three: Rolling Stone‘s Jann Wenner, The New Yorker’s David Remnick and Vanity Fair‘s Graydon Carter. “As for the fourth, you know who you are,” Wolfe told the audience at 583 Park Avenue (otherwise known as the Third Church of Christ, Scientist). Then he exited the stage, leaving the crowd to debate whether he meant that there are only three Masters of the Universe left in the magazine business – and that the rest were figments of their own imagination.

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