Prince does not want Whitney Houston at his concerts

According to the NYDAILYNEWS:

Prince likes to sing about love — but he doesn’t have much for Whitney Houston.

The singer, who is currently in rehab for drug and alcohol dependency, has been banned from any future concerts (for the time being) because of her “erratic behavior and constant ticket demands,” reports TMZ.

In the past few weeks, Houston has attended several Prince shows and appeared to be “intoxicated” at each one.

In a video that TMZ posted, Houston and her teen daughter Bobbi Kristina — who had photos of her snorting lines of what appeared to be cocaine printed in the National Enquirer in March — are hanging on each other and singing along with The Purple One.

According to TMZ’s source, Prince and his people finally turned down Houston because they “didn’t want her to embarrass herself.”

Houston is currently in an undisclosed rehab facility seeking out-patient treatment.

In 2009, she attempted a music comeback, but by the following year she had to cancel tour dates due to illness and negative reviews.

Posted by: Dany L.

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