WTF ? Puff Daddy..P.Diddy.. Diddy I mean Sean Combs Changing his name again ?!

Wtf Come on again ?!!! He has problems lol

This weekend, he decided to change his name. Again?! To “Swag.” And seriously?

Like he should understand the importance of cohesive branding, so maybe he can explain how “Swag” fits into the personal brand you’ve spent the better part of two decades cultivating. It doesn’t start with a “P,” it isn’t some iteration of Daddy or Diddy, it has nothing to do with Puffing or Puffy or Puff. The only way “Swag” fits into your narrative is that you’ve once again rechristened yourself for seemingly no fucking reason.What, exactly, was wrong with Puff Daddy? What was wrong with P. Diddy? Diddy? Your real name? Is there a specific reason these don’t work for you anymore? Should America just accept that you’re Sean Piddy John Daddy Swaggy Combs, Man of Many Personality Disorders?

I dont know this is driving me nuts lol Tell us what you think below

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Posted by Katiee

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