21 Jump Street the Movie August 2012

original cast

Jonah Hill of "Knocked Up"

Jonah Hill, Comedian/ Actor/ Producer/ Screen writer  has written the 21 Jump Street film set out to be released in 2012.  The film is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and written by Michael Bacall and Jonah Hill.  Jonah Hill will cast as Schmidt, Jonah Hill promises the film will not be a simple pg or pg13 film insteadit will be a  “full-on action movie, blowing s*** up.”

Channing Tatum will also play a role beside Jonah Hill in this action film, Channing is to play the role of Jenko.

As to who will play Johnny Depps Part of Hanson in the film has not yet been released, although it has been confirmed that Johhny Depp will be a part of the films cast.  This news is definitely a nail bitter for all of those fans of the famous 80’s hit tv series.

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