Rihanna says White people expect certain things from her

RiRi poses as a blonde bombshell for the British Vogue.  But she has been holding something in her chest for a while.  She wants the world to know that she is not anyones role model.

Rihanna told Vogue UK that she feels pressured to be someone that she is not.

People – especially white people – they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead,” she said. “The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and it became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it. That’s not me. That’s a part I play. You know, like it’s a piece of art, with all these toys and textures to play with.”

She compared the use of a word N*gga used by African Americans to defend herself and her obsessive use of the word C*nt.

That word is so offensive to everyone in the world except for Bajans. “You know African-Americans use the n-word to their brothers? Well, that’s the way we use the c-word. When I first came here, I was saying it like it was nothing, like, “Hey, cunt”, until my make-up artist finally had to tell me to stop. I just never knew.

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