50 Cent – I Just Wanna ft. Tony Yayo

“Oh now she like me, Oh now they like me” – 50 Cent

The Big Ten dropped December 9th and 4 days later after the mixtape was released,  50 cent gives a true name to the phrase “time waits for no one” by releasing a video out for the hit single “I Just Wanna” featuring Tony Yayo of G-Unit.  The single is hitting the airwaves all over NYC, 50 is definitely hungry for more in this mixtape.  He first makes sure he directs a few words to those who doubted him, thinking he fell off by saying ” If a ni**a says I fell off all I want you to do is ask him WHEN? What are they going to say….The CURTIS album…ok so now Number one is not good enough…I gave you AYO TECHNOLOGY and that was number one….I GET MONEY, that wasn’t hot?…So tell me when I fell off? “.

This is what 50 had to say on twitter about his new mixtape……

Is this a hint of an album coming out soon?! Guess we will just have to wait and see, I think we all know that 50 is not the one to sleep on.

50 Cent – I JUST WANNA Ft. Tony Yayo

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