Who is Celeb Prez??

An up and coming rapper from Far Rockaway Queens, at age 19 Celeb Prez came into the rap scene relentless and is creating a buzz for himself full throttle with his label “U.S. which stands for “Underage and Selfmade”.  I had the pleasure to meet with Celeb Prez himself and I was inspired by how he carries himself as a strong individual despite the harsh reality of life that surrounds him.  Prez is currently working on several projects and is strategically working on all promotional items from music video’s to a logo for his label and several tracks to show the public who CelebPrez is.  As I spoke to him I began to learn that his philosophy and inspiration was rooted from “the people who did it wrong”.   When I asked “Who is CelebPrez” he answered, “I am that person that has learned from the people who did it wrong, I analyze the person that had opportunities and somewhere failed.  History tends to repeat itself and I rather not make the same mistakes that others made in the past.  For Example, in the Jay-z’s Backstage tour both Jay and DMX were on the rise and yet look at where Jay is now and where did DMX go wrong? So, I’m that dude that studies DMX instead of studying the person that did it right…..Jay.  When you see a person that did it right, you glorify it so much and lose focus on how they got there in the first place.  I study that Ni**a that had that opportunity and ruined it”.  There is much to learn even from the young underdogs on the come up and we look forward to seeing new projects from CelebPrez.  Here is a video for one of his latest projects called “Death Around The Corner”.

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