D Rock Presents “Project Seven” (intro)

Video Inside…

D.Rock Printing has created a new clothing line and released a commercial introducing the name to the world.  There is no exact date as to when it will be released but definitely will be within the first quarter of 2012. The D.Rock staff have created a spring collection that was inspired by the Mayans.  The D.Rock Staff is composed of different cultures which helped establish multiple ideas to create a versatile collection.  When we asked the president of D.Rock Printing LLC to briefly explain the line itself all he had to say was “I went back to my roots on this one and sort of got bit by a bug that enticed me to hit the restart button on things.  I have agreed to release the first design  which to me was designed from a universal standpoint.  Anyone and everyone can take from the line and is just one of those things we all can gravitate to.  We all have certain things we IMAGINE and if we BELIEVE in it we will then ACHIEVE it.  I created something meaningful for the world to see.  Project Seven is my baby, my biggest project of all, a divine project if you ask me…but most important its my heart and soul.”

To find updates and more about Project 7  you can find us on Twitter @P7_Apparel

To view Commercial Click on the Image below and it will direct you to Youtube.

Special Thanks to Uncle Skeeter of iGrind INC for editing our video, You can find him on twitter @iGrindINC or his site www.iGrindDoU.com

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