Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls over 4 million views in 6 days but not everyone is laughing

Franchesca Ramsey, 28-years old graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design.  As a graphic designer and obviously a comedian decided to create this video on Jan. 4th 2012 “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls”.  In a matter of hours she gained 1.5 million views, social networks all over the internet were sharing the link making it the most viewed video on YouTube surpassing Justin Bieber.  Several videos have been made on YouTube starting with “Shit girls say” which gained 7 million views last month. Since then spawned  these videos targeting different races, such as “Shit Spanish Girls say” (click the link to see video) however these parody’s have become such a trend that the similar videos on YouTube show a selection of more than just racial parody’s but also videos on Gender like “Shit gay guys say” and have been overwhelmingly popular.  How can these videos be so popular? Could it be that society is using the social networks and the internet in general as an outlet to make racial critiques or simply is our society now finding a meaningful way to be able to converse about finding racial justice.  As Jay-z has put it in the past “men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t”, and the number of views for this video clearly is making a statement by our society. Are we asking for a change or do we just love this kind of drama?

Either way Ramsey has written her reason as to why she created the video in the first place on HuffPost “After seeing “Shit Girls Say” posted on Facebook, I reluctantly watched “Shit Black Girls Say” knowing that before I hit the play button I probably wouldn’t be able to relate. Growing up I was constantly labeled an “oreo” by my black peers because of my proper speech and “valley girl accent”.  If I get upset, I could quickly be labeled the “angry black girl.” But if I don’t say anything or react too passively, I risk giving friends and acquaintances permission to continue crossing the line. So I decided to create my own parody, “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls,” to make all people laugh while, hopefully, opening some eyes and encouraging some of my white friends and acquaintances to think twice before they treat their black friends and associates like petting zoo animals or expect us to be spokespeople for the entire race. 

Here is the video for your laughing pleasure….

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