Woman legally changes her name to Kanye West

Video Inside….

First we have a woman that gets a tattoo of Drakes name on her forehead and now this?!  What is this world coming down to? A fan is unsatisfied with having Kaye West the artist name tatted all over her so she then changes her name legally to Kanye West.  DJ MoonDawg of radio station WGCI in Chicago invited Ms. West to explain this decision she made to legally change her name to Ms. West.

Insanity- in·san·i·ty noun, plural in·san·i·ties. :


the condition of being insane;  a derangement of the mind. Synonyms: dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.

Law . such unsoundness of mind as frees one from legal responsibility, as for committing a crime, or as signals one’s lack of legal capacity, as for entering into a contractual agreement.

Psychiatry . (formerly) psychosis.


extreme foolishness; folly; senselessness; foolhardiness: Trying to drive through that traffic would be pure insanity.

a foolish or senseless action, policy, statement, etc.: We’ve heard decades of insanities in our political discourse.

She clearly fits one of these descriptions, What is this society coming down to and how are we supposed to teach our children that this is unacceptable when it is not even illegal or the term insane is now not taken as serious as it should be.  Ladies and Gentlemen we are now witnessing a shift in our society and a possible trend.



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